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So long and thanks for all the junk

Ironically, just after  I wrote my paean to the grungy wonders of the PS 321 Park Slope flea market, I learned that Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby of the Brooklyn Flea had arranged to take over its management, likely transforming this little corner of appealing and cheap detritus into yet another hypercurated series of microboutiques. The Brooklyn Flea is essentially annexing the Park Slope flea for lebensraum – because of its policy of retaining the same vendors in Fort Greene and Williamsburg week after week, there’s no space for new vendors. That will be the purpose of the nouveau PS 321, as Brooklynflea.com chirps:

“The idea at 321 is to update that fabled and well-loved (including by us!) market’s tradition of antiques and vintage vendors in the Seventh Avenue schoolyard by sprinkling in a few of our longstanding Flea vendors from Fort Greene and Williamsburg among a crop of new faces, since we have a waiting list for these folks.”

Unfortunately, it appears that most of the current PS 321 vendors are being priced out. I visited today, the last day of the current PS 321 market, on a foggy day with hints of drizzle, to see what would become of the vendors there. I was told that most would not return – when you sell $2 doodads all day, a booth price jump from $30 to $100 is quite a big deal. Basically, Brooklyn Flea loves the market’s tradition soooo much that it’s running out the current sellers. Thanks, guys.

A silver lining: the current management is looking for a new space for the PS 321 flea, so they might reopen in the neighborhood. Let’s hope so!