After attending the Brooklyn Barn auction (which I really enjoyed, even if I didn’t come away with anything this time around) , I felt the need to ask the creator of Brooklyn Barn some questions. I emailed him, and he responded with extreme politeness, thoroughness and alacrity. I, naturally, returned the favor by becoming mired in the petty details of my mundane existence and not posting this for a week and a half. Great going on my part! So apologies to Evan, who could not have been nicer, and herein some answers to a few questions about the Brooklyn Barn auction.

1)  How did you get into auctions?  Do you own an antique store/sell at flea markets?

I have always loved antiques and am incredibly fascinated by the stories that come with them. As a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist. The idea of touching something that hasn’t been touched for thousands of years, or in this case, a century give or take, connects me to humanity and history like nothing else. I’m also driven by storytelling and as you can imagine, everything you find has a story and purpose behind it. Plus, as a designer and artist, I love decor. And the short answer is no, I don’t sell anywhere else at this time.

2) Are items from your personal collection, or do you buy specifically for the auction?

 A few items were from my personal collection at this last auction, but mainly I only buy for the auction. I’m still mostly attached to the things in my personal collection.
3) Any plans to charge a premium?
Charging a premium has been suggested by some people but I don’t have any plans to do that in the near future. But that all depends on the venue as well.
4) Are you planning on any specialty auctions? (clothing, jewelry, art, etc.)?
We are actually planning some theme nights once this gets up and running. A mid-century night, smalls, and a collector’s night where each lot is an assortment of a particular kind of item that could start your own collection, (ie: a small assortment of Carnival glass to make you a collector of that), are a few in line.
5)  How do you think the Manhattan Inn space worked out? Do you think you might move to a larger space?
The Manhattan Inn is really the perfect space for us at this juncture. The environment and decor is perfect and the staff and owners are just the sweetest, most accommodating people. However, I of course hope to outgrow the space eventually and get my own.
6)  Are you planning to show preview photos of all your items for upcoming auctions?
Yes I do, at least most of the items. Moving forward we will also list the reserve price for each item.
 7)  Many auctions go for 5+ hours. Did you deliberately keep your auction on the shorter side?
I kept the auction for the length it was based on the amount of items I had and availability of the space. I also wanted to make this a fun, doable event and less of a time commitment.
8) What kind of feedback have you gotten from attendees?
So far I’ve heard that our attendees really loved the experience and I think a lot of them had never been to an auction before. I’ve been told that it’s a great idea, a lot of fun and that they wanted more furniture!
So there you have it.  By the way, the Brooklyn Barn now takes consignments (I’m going to do this, so I”ll find out more how it works), o if you’re looking to de-acquisition something that fits the Barn aesthetic, I encourage you to contact Evan. You can find the Barn at or on Facebook. Happy bidding!