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It was a late spring, and I think stoop sales might be delayed this year as well.  They haven’t popped up with quite the ubiquity this year as in previous years. That said, even with the gloomy weather Saturday, I did see the first flowering of stoop sales, warming my heart and weighing down my tote bag.

While I buy all manner of things at stoop sales, I especially love to see vintage stuff (of course) so I was especially delighted to stop by an ur-70s sale.

There is basically nothing that screams 70s more loudly than orange and brown mushroom canisters.

I was really proud of myself for not buying anything. I tend not to purchase anything breakable. Though the mushrooms were hard to leave behind.

I also came across a woman who was apparently selling part of what must be an impressive hat collection. Again, I’m not a hat person so I passed these beauties up; hope they found some good homes.

Hats ahoy

The rain today wiped out both Googa Mooga and any hope of stoop sales; let’s see if they pop back up Memorial Day weekend.