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Worth noting: Gemini & Scorpio, purveyors of themed parties and films in a delightfully shabby Gowanus loft (though they’re Kickstartering it into shape) has a special shopping event May 19th – it’s a sort of burlesque/loft fundraiser.  Vendors will include vintage, party-wear, Burning Man-wear, some glow in the dark stuff and who knows what else. Many “corsets and crinolines, feathers and fascinators” are promised. Hey, sounds good to me.

It goes from 12 to 8 – the first hour is a preview period that costs $10.  Or you can donate any amount to the Gemini & Scorpio Kickstarter for early access (so technically you only need to spend $1, though I would kick in more if I were you. I’m in for a $30 rooftop film.)  Check out the website for a list of vendors and the super-secret address of the loft (you have to enter an email address, basically).