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Now that the culture is going apocalyptic (worst-case scenario) or dystopic (mildly better scenario – at least the world didn’t literally end), frou frou jewelry seems so passe. That’s why it’s a wonderful moment for Brutalist jewelry.

So what’s Brutalist jewelry? It basically looks like jewelry that’s been half-melted by some catalclysm and dug out of the moldering remains of our bones by a future alien archaelogist.  the perfect thing to wear to the Hunger Games.  It typically dates from the 1960s and 1970s.

For some reason many Brutalist jewelers are from Canada. You would think Canadians would be too polite to contemplate the destruction of our society/planet, but perhaps they just preferred to address those issues via jewelry instead of political tomes or young adult fiction. Two major names to look for are Robert Larin and Gilles Vidal.

A good example of the organic, globular aesthetic that is Brutalism

Incidentally, Rochas laced its posh librarian looks for fall 2012 with lots of Brutalist jewelry, so look for China to pawn off its factory seconds to Forever 21 by next summer.